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Who We Are

Arrow Films specializes in creating short films. Our primary goal is to take students from knowing nothing about film, to having the knowledge require to create short films that effectively engage audiences in a short time span.


View a list of our projects below.

Reflecting Resilience

Arrow Films: Reflecting Resilience Poster

Reflecting Resilience tells the story of two teenage best friends who have a less than satisfactory home life. As their situations quickly deteriorate, both of them find complete opposite ways to cope with their problems.


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As Simple as Hello is a film that tells the story of teenager Andrew Peters taking on a new school and dealing with all the complications that accompany. The mission of this film is to combat bullying and raise awareness for teenagers, just like Andrew, struggling with the trials and tribulations of high school. Hardships, tragedy, and betrayal all appear in this introspective motion picture.


Akrasia tell the short tale of a deranged serial killer.